The Reserve, one of Hazyview’s best hotels, is located a short distance away from South Africa’s oldest and arguably most popular national parks. Our affordable and stylish accommodation in Hazyview provides guests with a peaceful escape while they visit the area. Every one of our rooms is fitted with exactly what you would expect to receive from superior accommodation and we go out of our way to ensure that our guests are always relaxed and comfortable.

Thousands of tourists will travel to the park each year to see African wildlife, living in their natural habitat. The roads in the park are generally quite busy all year round and while some guests might choose to enjoy a safari experience in the company of a safari tour group others might prefer to drive themselves. Both types of safaris have their benefits and in many ways, the self-drive experience is a whole lot better:

  • Plan your own way

If you’ve done enough reading up about the Kruger National Park, you will soon notice that some roads get a lot more attention than others, thanks to their wonderful animal sightings. Some areas of the park are better for seeing animals than others, and so proper planning of your route is essential to ensuring that you get to see what you came to see.

You can also choose which rest camps you’d like to stop at along the way, allowing you to explore more of the park’s history as every camp has its own museums and monuments.

  • Take your time

While guided safaris will have you on a timed schedule, when you choose to drive yourself through the Kruger National Park, you can choose your own pace. Should you decide you want to spend the whole day in the park, rather than a half-day, you can do just that without having to worry about paying out more or booking more time with a safari company. There is a certain freedom with being able to choose how long you’d like to spend in the park.

  • Leave at the time you choose

Most safari companies will want you to be at the park when the gates open, or they will pick you up well before dawn. When driving yourself, you can sleep late and head to the park on your own time. Although sleeping in might be enticing, it’s always best to get an early start as the days can quickly heat up.

When you are visiting The Reserve, you don’t want to miss out on a trip into the Kruger National Park. If driving yourself is something you are not keen on, you can talk to our reception desk to find out more about the numerous safari companies operating in the area. Many leave from nearby Perry’s Bridge and most offer affordable half and full-day Kruger safaris.

With the holidays slowly approaching, you should book your holiday in advance so that you don’t miss out. Book your stay at The Reserve today.