Animals get a Second chance

Animals are amazing creatures that come in all shapes and sizes and all manner of moods and attitudes. Animals have the ability to further enhance and specialize the areas they are found in giving a unique feeling wherever you are. Unfortunately, animals are susceptible to a variety of circumstances from being trafficked, hunted, poached, abused, neglected and threatened. Because they aren’t always able to save themselves, most of them are injured or killed. This is where rehabilitation centres come in, they take in the animals that otherwise wouldn’t be able to survive in the wilderness and keep them safe.

Bird of Prey & Rehabilitation Centre

The Dulstroom Bird of Prey and Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1997 and in 2004 the Centre has been moved to its current location. The Original aim of the Rehabilitation Centre was to be an educational Centre that would teach the public about Raptors and to promote the awareness of the species and the plight of the growing danger of extinction. Later on, the centre had to change their vision and goals and declared that they needed more space as they wanted to cater to not only raptors but all animals that are endangered and threatened.

Adventure Hazyview

Elephant Whispers

Elephant Whispers is an enlightening experience where members of the public could interact with Elephants. Elephant Whispers has 5 African Elephants  that have developed a trusting nature with the staff members as they realize they are receiving kindness and care. Visitors that come to the centre will experience lifechanging moments as they interact with the elephants in never before available moments. The Elephant Whispers team wanted to translate their understanding for long term wild life conservation, specifically the conservation of elephants, so the public will realize the need for conservation and assist in any way they can.

Jane Goodall Institute: Chimpanzee Eden

The Chimpanzee Eden is a personal project of world-renowned scientist and conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall. The goal of Chimp Eden is to be a safe haven for chimpanzees that have been victimized by trafficking, abuse and neglect. The Institute provides a safe are for the chimps to rehabilitate with a menagerie of educational and stimulatory objects to strengthen and rehabilitize them. Members of the public can also offer to adopt one of the chimpanzees and become an adoptive parent and take care of the chimp. Located close to White River, people have easy access to support the sanctuary.