Everybody needs some adventure in their lives and no place is better for, outdoor action,  than Induna Adventures.

Located just outside Hazyview, in the Sabie Valley, between the Kruger National Park and Sabie, Induna Adventures is in a prime spot for all kinds of action and adventure. With the local mountains, canyons and rivers all around the area, adventure is soon to follow. Induna Adventures has a large variety of activities that will satisfy even the pickiest of people. A very popular activity is White Water Tubing (Geckoing) and White Water Rafting. With places in the Sabie River classified as a level 2 white water area, people are bound to hit the water a some point. The Difference between Geckoing and White Water Rafting is the Tube used for geckoing is oval shaped (it improves steering) and has a floor for some extra protection where as the White Water Rafting uses a large raft and paddles are required to steer.

Adventure Hazyview
Paintball Hazyview
White Water Rafting Hazyview

If water activities aren’t your thing the you can do some more relaxing activities on land, including some Bass fishing at Induna’s Secret fishing spots, hiking trails along the amazing Mac Mac river which includes a lot of swimming and butt sliding along the way and horse riding along the breathtaking Sabie Valley Panorama Route with trained and qualified guides to make your experience so much more enjoyable. If you are looking for a bit more action and adventure, one can always take part in a paintball battle in Induna’s The Gaza Strip (complete with barb fences, trenches, broken walls and rivers to add some spice to an already exciting match. Spectators have a special viewing spot, that is elevated and covered in a net for protection, that gives them a front row seat to the action.

For the Adrenaline junkies there are a few activities that will satiate ther hunger for adventure. Induna Adventures has a Zip Line that stretches 450m and you can reach speeds of up to 100km/h where you glide through the trees and experience the beauty of nature and for the short time you are on the zipline you feel like you’re flying. You can also try the Mountain biking trails throughout the Sabie Valley that can meander throughout the forest along the Mac Mac River or you can try something more extreme and take Quad Bikes out for a spin in the mountains.

If you are feeling like you need some adventure while staying at The Reserve Group, visit Induna Adventures.